LRP – Competition Starter Box – Davide Ongaro World Champion Edition 1/10 – 1/8



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Competition Starter Box – Davide Ongaro World Champion Edition

We proudly present the popular Competition Starterbox in the Davide Ongaro World Champion Edition.

Solid technology, blue anodized top plate, powerful 750 size motor that drives the extra high, robust rubberized flywheel with 14.4V (12V operation also possible), for reliable starting of completely new and already run-in engines. And where are the bodyclips during the starting procedure? On the magnetic strip above the switch!

The on/off switch on the rear prevents accidental starting of the boxt in the heat of the race and also allows battery saving operation.

The starter box now also includes the larger mounts for truggies, so that all common 1/8 and 1/10 nitro cars can be started.

The starter box can be operated with 2x NiMh batteries, 2x 2S Lipos, or with a 12V car battery (not included).

The engraved signature of 1/8th Buggy World Champion Davide Ongaro now underlines the performance of this starter box.

Start like a world champion…..

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