Serpent Natrix 750 EVO 4wd 1/10 GP


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  • The chassis is made from 3mm 7075-T6 aluminium and has been improved regarding the flex characteristics. It features a new weight bridge, vibration isolated as already used in the big brother, the 989.
  • For the front we can also use a small adjustable weight, especially useful under highgrip circumstances.
  • The new rear suspension is completely new. It features the possibility of a toe change during suspension travel. Due to the unique design, there is zero binding as well under all circumstances.
  • In the rear we now have 2 options for the pivot-width. The default position is the same as in the 750, while the wider option is similar to the 748.
  • In the neutral position the toe-change is absolute zero. In this position the rear end acts like the regular 750 rear end.
  • The higher the link on the upright, the more toe-gain is achieved under compression, resulting in more rear traction under acceleration.
  • The new front arms are open style for aerodynamic reasons. They feature mounting points for an optional heave damper.
  • The 2-speed gearbox is completely new. It is based on the 989 gearbox and bulletproofed. A much longer ramp for the roller avoiding locking of the second gear even with excessive wear on the shoes, M4 setscrews for gap adjustment to help keeping the gap constant.
  • 2 bearings in the second gear “bell” for better truth of rotation and balance.
  • 2nd gear adapter is locked in position to avoid binding and deliver constant performance of engine and gearbox.
  • Newly designed flex cover provides a force free stiffener rod.
  • New shocks and shock towers. These shocks are taken from the 989 and provide trouble-free, low friction action for increased traction. The piston is fixed onto the shaft with a nut. No clipses or shims. On top of that we payed a lot of attention to the bottom seal. 2 X-rings and a long bushing provide that extra bit of low-friction sealing that keeps the oil inside and the dirt outside.
  • Hard anodized bushings provide a 100% secure positioning of the front upper suspension brackets.
  • As an option the 989 offers a heave-damper setup in the front as well as the rear.

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